Spinning : santha (vivid fashions),

Spinning forms a pivotal part of our processes, to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency the infrastructure is constantly updated. Equipped with the state of the art machinery including 41000 spindles, we have a production capability of nearly 4000 tons per annum of various high quality yarn, we make sure that our production equipment is well maintained to produce yarn of the finest quality. To facilitate easy use, our yarn is auto leveled and auto coned, every detail no matter how minor, is give attention to, thus details like humidity and temperature of the production plant are vigilantly monitored to yield the best output.

Sizing :

The application of size reduces hairiness of yarn, while simultaneously increasing its strength for better efficiency of weaving machines. The sizing is totally flexible in orderto facilitate sizing of fine count yarns or coarse count yarns irrespective of the density of the weave. We have state of the art Ambika Syncro 2 machinery with double size box for hassle free use.

Weaving :

Over the years we have come to be known as a company producing Finest quality Grey fabrics, weaving being our expertise, we devote extensive care and attention to the details involved in this process. Our weaving division is fully on vendor operation basis and the capacity is flexible because of outsourcing facilities. Hence we are able to turn out large volumes without the proportionate lead time & overheads.The type of looms being used are Power looms, Ruti - C and Sulzer looms.

Home textiles :

Cotton shopping bags.
Canvas bags.
Organic Cotton bags.
Non woven polypropylene bags and aprons.
Cotton shopping bags have been our realm. We can supply the bags natural, washed and de-sized, bleached and dyed states with logos or design printing upto 8 colors and in any style required by the buyers.

Yarn :

All our yarn is spun using the best quality cotton supplied from North India. At present, we produce the finest quality Combed and Semi - Combed Cotton yarn as per the requirements of our buyers, our count range includes from Ne 30s to Ne 80s.

Grey Fabrics :

Our woven fabrics come in a wide variety catering to the diverse needs of the customers. We also customize the fabrics as per the buyer's requirements. The types of fabrics include Twill, Polishing, Sheeting and Fabric for home textiles.

Vivid Knitting Mills :

We have our own knitting mill. We proudly introducing New imported Knitting Machines from (Smart Taiwan). To satisfy our customer needs we are working round the clock and round the week (24x7). We are concentrating 3 types of knitting like Single Jersey,Rib and Inter lock , Single jersey auto stripes , Wrapper stripes ,and Rib auto stripes, Full jacquard etc…

Processing & Production Division :
In House chest printing Machines
State of the art processing division with These, Germany Range of dyeing Machines.
We have two Gerber, Spreader machine for cutting.
We have three separate sections for stitching. Total sewing machine is 500 all are computerized machines.
In House Embroidery Taiwan, Japan